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ARTPODIUM is a Singapore based company established to promote the appreciation of visual arts and to bring together art stakeholders in an endeavour to foster the growth of this medium within Singapore and beyond.

On ARTPODIUM you can expect to see rare collections of heritage, modern and contemporary artworks from Singapore, South & Southeast Asia, Europe and much more! We have hosted several exhibitions and fairs showcasing renowned art masters, award winners and numerous upcoming artists. Sponsors behind ARTPODIUM have more than 20 years of experience in dealing in art.


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Know the Affandi's

Know the Affandi's

Strongly resistant to idealistic portrayals of the Mooi Indies, Affandi (1907 – 1990) is renowned for his commitment to honest expression. Rather than advocating a particular social ideology, he constantly challenged himself to depict the candid, everyday life of Indonesian people. This dedication was in line with...

Experiential Art forms

The last decade has seen museums and galleries embracing more experiential art, giving viewers the chance to touch, taste, hear, and smell art works, not just see them. Experiential art offers so much more than traditional art works, connecting with all your senses, increasing ...

Art in a Social Media world

We live in an age where social media dominates. From our friendships, to events, to retail, it has crept up in to almost every aspect of our lives. For artists, it has provided a global platform to share their works and grow their exposure. A growing world of art superstars has ...