Past Exhibitions

We have had the privilege to showcase signature art shows in Singapore since 2005. “An important part of contemporary art isn’t held in the brushstrokes of paint, or the marble of a sculpture; it isn’t even in the artwork at all, rather, it’s the viewer’s impression of the artwork.” We have been fortunate to build an excellent Art community through our journey with Modern, Contemporary Masters and Senior artists from India and Southeast Asia. Other than Visual Arts, we take pride in sharing that we have also organised diverse other events through the years, such as performing arts, Lifestyle and Business events. Our past events make us, who we are today.

Timeless Affandi

Timeless Affandi

Jan 14-23, 2022

Timeless Treasures - Exhibition by Artpodium

Timeless Treasures

Jan 22-30, 2021

Art Access Appreciation

Art. Access. Appreciation

Sep 18-27, 2020

If Walls Could Speak

Feb 1-11, 2020
An affair with India