Art Access Appreciation - Flyer - ArtPodiumWe are immensely thankful for each and everyone who supported our recent 360° immersive art exhibition ART. ACCESS. APPRECIATION from September 18-27, 2020.

This event wouldn’t have been the resounding success it was without our partners. Pre-COVID, we had always worked with The Arts House Singapore to give exhibition goers a stellar experience. This time around, albeit in a slightly different capacity, The Arts House came on board again as our virtual venue partner to house AAA. We displayed the artworks in all their rooms – Gallery II, Blue Room & the Living room. Our event partner was the National Arts Council (NAC) with Theo Arts Professionals coming in to support the show as a consulting partner. The fantastic 360° experience wouldn’t have become a reality without the talented tech wizardry of our experiential partner Xctuality.

Above all, we wish to thank all of you who supported not just ARTPODIUM, but the 21 talented 2nd and 3rd generation Singapore artists by attending the show. We’ve shared earlier that artists were some of the hardest hit during this time. This exhibition allowed them not only to express what they were feeling but also show the world what they had been working on in their studios. As such, art lovers worldwide saw our artists and their artworks because of the digital nature of the show.

Planning a show of a digital nature wasn’t something we had experienced before, and the global pandemic pushed us to look beyond the norm and embrace technology. The entire planning process took four months, and we didn’t want to overlook any little detail. Gathering the best artists, curating the art pieces, conceptualising the user experience of the show and humanising it through a virtual presenter, ensuring press coverage and marketing the show across the globe were all vital to us.

The Founder of ARTPODIUM, Kavita Raha shares that the team had to work twice as hard to get it the show perfect for the audience. What started as a “3D virtual art show” evolved into a “360° immersive experience”. Due to the nature of the first experience not being the most suitable, partners needed to be changed during the planning process for the best user experience.

What has been most encouraging, however, is the feedback the team has received. Bharoti Pandey, an ardent art enthusiast from Singapore, said, “It was a unique and very satisfying experience! Really well done— the setting, ease of navigation, music and of course the artworks. This is going to be another disrupter! Will look at each one on the big screen later today. Thank you so much — creativity from COVID!”

Christina Bruck, a supporter from Germany, added, “Enjoying the exhibition from home, remembering all the beautiful moments and events at the Arts House in the past!” While Duni Surti from Kenya said, “I went through all this morning- super digital marketing concept and some lovely pieces!”

Propelled by the fantastic success of this show, Kavita Raha adds that ARTPODIUM’s vision moving forward is to organise more hybrid exhibitions and build a supportive art community to nurture and encourage artists around the world.

Art lovers can visit the regularly for new shows and join the artist community. As technology allows us to archive curated exhibitions, AAA will therefore be available on our website even after the show!

Thank you,

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