75 years of Indian Art - Canvas to NFTs

India is often described as a land of colors and Indian art with its bright, diverse, and captivating designs is a perfect manifestation of that truism. Dating back to the third millennium BC the styles depict the range of different civilizations and religions and are evidence of the rich history and traditions of Indian art ranging from the ancient to the modern and contemporary.

Art Podium’s exhibition, ‘75 years of Indian Art – Canvas to NFTs’ strives to capture a slice of that history and tradition. During colonial rule, art in India was heavily influenced by the British Art School and artists started depicting scenes of everyday life, regalia of princely courts, and native festivities and rituals in their work. Next came The Bengal School of Art, which is a blend of the Oriental and Occidental styles of painting and owes its origins to western styles and techniques. Gaining prominence around that time, it grew separate from British patronage and can be equated with the birth of Indian nationalism. Post-independence the Bombay Progressive Artist Group was formed and focused on Indian themes and imagery with western artistic techniques such as modernism, cubism, post-impressionism. And finally came the Madras Art Movement in the early ‘60’s: contemporary artists who brought in their own very distinctive styles and subjects, drawing upon local mythology and folklore from South India and distancing themselves from internationalist trends.

Exhibits range from the late 19th century to modern masters and contemporary artists including Folk and Tribal art forms showcasing the evolution of art. Uniquely, it also will have on display digital art that seeks to combine technology with art, highlighting the emerging trends in the post Covid 19 age.

With around 120 pieces by over 70 artists, the show promises to be / bring to Singapore a one of -a kind event and includes some rare works from private collectors as well as renowned galleries. You will also get to meet 8 contemporary Indian artists whose artworks will be on display.

The lifting of pandemic induced restrictions will provide art enthusiast in Singapore with an opportunity to enjoy a live event after a hiatus of two years and promises to be an exciting and informative experience.

Participating galleries:

Glimpses From the Exhibition

Pre Independence: British ruled India from 1857-1947 – the rule of ‘The Raj’- Early 20th Century:

Post 1947: Progressive artist group was formed- Focused on Indian Themes and imagery with western artistic techniques such as modernism, cubism, post-impressionism.

Other modern/ contemporary artists:
  1. Arup Das
  2. Badri Narayan
  3. Bimal Das Gupta
  4. F N Souza
  5. Ganesh Haloi
  6. Haren Das
  7. J Swaminathan
  8. Jagannath Panda
  9. Jayasri Burman
  10. Jeram Patel
  11. Jogen Chowdhury
  12. K G Subramanyan
  13. LaluPrasad Shaw
  14. M F Husain
  15. Manu Parekh
  16. N S Bendre
  17. Piraji Sagara
  18. Paresh Maity
  19. Ramesh Gorjala
  20. Rabin Mondal
  21. Rini Dhumal
  22. Ram Kumar
  23. S H Raza
  24. Satish Gujral
  25. Sanjay Bhattacharya
  26. Seema Kohli
  27. Shampa Sircar Das
  28. Somnath Hore
  29. Sunil Das
  30. Suhas Roy
  31. T Vaikuntam
Digital Arts NFTs
  • Anita Tiwary
  • Sajid Shaikh
Tribal & Folk Art forms:
Madras Art movement:
  1. Achutan Kudallur
  2. K.M.Adimoolam
  3. Akkitham Narayanan
  4. Alphonso Arul Doss
  5. R.B. Bhaskaran
  6. C. Dakshinamurthy
  7. C. Douglas
  8. P. Gopinath
  9. L. Munusamy
  10. K. Murlidharan
  11. S. Nandagopal
  12. S. Nandhan
  13. K C S Paniker

  14. P. Perumal
  15. R M Palaniappan
  16. S.K. Rajavelu
  17. G. Raman
  18. M. Reddeppa Naidu
  19. A.P. Santhanaraj
  20. M Senathipathi
  21. M.Sooriyamoorthy
  22. K.Sreenivasulu
  23. Thota Tharani
  24. S G Vasudev
  25. D. Venkatapathy
  26. V. Vishwanadhan
Contemporary artists:
  1. Rupa Natarajan
  2. Nidhi S Mathur
  3. Ayana Chatterjee
  4. Aditi Chakraborty
  5. Sheyna Baig
  6. Kavita Issar Batra
  7. Kumari Nahappan

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Artpodium Singapore

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High Commission of India, Singapore

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