Know the Affandi's

Know the Affandi’s

World Renowned Affandi (1907 – 1990) Strongly resistant to idealistic portrayals of the Mooi Indies, Affandi (1907 – 1990) is renowned for his commitment to honest expression. Rather than advocating a particular social ideology, he constantly challenged himself to depict the candid, everyday life of Indonesian people. This dedication was in line with his co-founding …

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Experiential Art forms

The last decade has seen museums and galleries embracing more experiential art, giving viewers the chance to touch, taste, hear, and smell art works, not just see them. Experiential art offers so much more than traditional art works, connecting with all your senses, increasing the impact of the message. Either temporary or permanent, experiential art …

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Art in a Social Media world

We live in an age where social media dominates. From our friendships, to events, to retail, it has crept up in to almost every aspect of our lives. For artists, it has provided a global platform to share their works and grow their exposure. A growing world of art superstars has emerged on Instagram, acting …

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The technological art revolution

The technological art revolution

Throughout history, artists have strived to find new forms and unconventional mediums to express their artistic voices. Since the 20th century, the fundamentals of traditional art forms have been challenged, and a more progressive movement has arisen amongst artists. Books, magazines, household items, fabrics, and general everyday items have been moulded into artworks, giving birth …

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story of singapore art

A Story of Singapore Art

An art feast that capturesa uniquely modern Singapore cross-fertilized by decades of East-West sensibility in fine art. A Brief Overview The story of Singapore art could be said to have first taken roots when the island flourished as a colonial port city under the British Empire. In addition to imported labourers from India and China, …

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Indian art history

Did you know that The Bengal School of Art was an influential style of art that flourished in India during the British Raj in the late 19th century and early 20th century and was the fountainhead Indian art? It arose as a nationalist movement reacting against the academic art styles being promoted in India at …

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