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Kayalvizhi Sethukarasu

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Kayalvizhi Sethukarasu is an Indian contemporary and abstract artist. She has graduated with B.V.A from Bharathiyar Palkalai Koodam Pondicherry Fine Arts College, INDIA. An ambitious individual with the ultimate determination to embrace my art with every aspect of village lifestyle and village environment in INDIA. My thoughts are wired to strike each of my hand moves from the palette to the canvas to paint the authenticity of every village and honor its aura through thy narrative landscapes.

When the world looked to the west to enrich their lives, I travel to my roots to understand the cultural inheritance for generations in each village life in INDIA and depict them through my works. My collections are catalogued with the life at peace, purity and serenity of villages engulfed in the exotic greenery. The realness of every village and its originality is depicted with every minute detailing in my art. In the entire journey of my art today I am mesmerized by the beauty of the village lake placid, the hush silence at the arena where everyone relaxes at, to cherish the natural stagnant waters slushed with green floras decorated by a countable vibrant lotus buds waiting to bloom to illuminate the garnished greenery.

As an artist my above prefix summarizes my soul and my earnest desire is to preserve the authentic culture of dying traditions and portray them with soothing, refreshing and every corresponding color adding luminous to reality only to prove them the eternal vessel with an immeasurable treasure for eternity. The reach has gone transnational to reminisce the history along with generations through my artistic depiction which is rewarding and received many acclamations for its artistic imitation.

My Abstract Landscape, that connects the lushness of nature and gives serenity, has been part of exhibitions, in different parts of India, and found homes in Middle east, Mumbai, and many other prominent personal collectors.

B.V.A (Visual arts) in Bharathiyar Palkalai koodam, (Pondicherry fine arts college) Pondicherry.

Acrylic Paintings in Contemporary Abstract Landscapes.

Work Experience:
Handled various graphic and web projects.


  • Awarded in “Gold Category” in the International Online Abstract Art contest organized by All Visual Arts – 2020
  • “Honorable Mention” in Indian Category in the International online Art Contest organized by All Visual Arts -2020
  • Ranked as Top 10 artist in Women’s special art exhibition organized by Bindaas Artist Group – 2017
  • Best Art award in Jipmer Art show in Pondicherry – 2017
  • Highly commanded in the 3rd Kalam South Zone Arts Exhibition in Pondicherry – 2007.
  • 3rd place (Cash Award) in the sand image camp in Pondicherry – 2006.


  • Participated in the National women Artist Camp by Lalit kala Akademi and South zone cultural Centre -2021
  • Participated in the Live Painting Camp in Lalbagh Organized by Artmantram Trust in Bangalore – 2021
  • Participated in the Live painting camp organized by Colorothon Season 12 in Bangalore – 2020
  • Participated in the live painting camp in cubbon park organized by ArtMantram in Bangalore – 2019
  • Participated in Art camp organized by Cartist yatra in Bangalore – 2019
  • Participated in art camp organized by Pondicherry Art and culture department – 2018
  • “Samhita” National level seminar cum camp in New Delhi-2008.
  • Participated in painting camp in Pondicherry University-2008.
  • Fresco Painting Camp in Chennai – 2007.
  • Participated in Sculpture camp organized by Puduvai oviya kalai Panpattu Narsevai Iyakkam – 2006.
  • Participated in “Sand Image Festival” in Pondicherry – 2006.


  • Participated in “Support Breast cancer victim campaign through Art” by Dr.Dipankar Roy and International Art Acts.
  • Participated in “The India International Spiritual Art Festival 2021” online show organized by Kalki Subramaniyam Art
  • Participated in “CHITRANKAN 3” International online Art Exhibition curated by Bindaas Artist Group – 2021
  • Participated in ” Nature – Landscape Art Exhibition” by Vulcan Art Gallery – 2021
  • Participated in Online solo Exhibition of “24H Gallery” curated by Teelent, France – 2021
  • Participated in the Group show “Transparency” in Centre d’Arts, Citadines , Auroville, Pondicherry – 2021
  • Participated in the Group show “Feminine” in Kalakendra, Auroville, Pondicherry – 2021
  • Participated in the Solo Exhibiiton “Tranquility” in Artville café and gallery, Bangalore – 2021.
  • Participated in the live painting in fusion with Music and Dance in Kalotsava organized by Artmantram – 2020.
  • Participated in the “ART SOUK “by Artmantram Trust – 2020
  • Participated in the International juried Online Show by Intenational Visual Literacy Association (ILVA)–2020 in Kunstmatrix webstite -2020…/artspaces/dist/index.html…
  • Participated in the Virtual Art Exhibition by “I Am Artist” – 2020
  • Participated in the Women’s Group show curated by Sumbarann Art Gallery, Pune – 2020
  • Participated in the women’s Group show “I RISE” curated by Art Houz, Coimbatore-2020
  • Participated in the Group show in the name of “Da Gracia” Curated by Renu Prajapati in Arpana Art Gallery – New Delhi – 2020
  • Participated in the Group show in the name of “Trinity Hues” in Maison Perumal, Pondicherry- 2019
  • A National Group show of Second edition in the theme of “Lotus” in My Art Galleries – New Delhi – 2019
  • A Group show in the name of “Iridescent” in Karnataka Chitrakala Parisdith- Bangalore-2019
  • A National Group show of 100 artists in the theme of “Lotus” in New Delhi – 2019
  • A Solo show in name of “Lush of Nature” in Bangalore – 2019
  • A Charcoal Painting exhibition in the name of “ tribute to Sirpi Jayaraman” organized by V5 Group in Exhibition house, Pondicherry- 2019
  • A Group show in the name of “Kanavu” in Coimbatore – 2019
  • A group show in the name of “summer special show” in Tasmai art gallery, Pondichery-2019
  • A Solo show in the name of “Lush of Nature” in Pondicherry – 2019
  • A Group show on world art day in Rangoli art gallery organized by Rangu online in Bangalore – 2019
  • A Group show by Four women artist in the name of “chitranjalli” curated by Malini Menon in Coimbatore – 2019
  • A group show by Eighty women artist organized by Artrendz art gallery in Coimbatore – 2019
  • A Group show of Eminent Artist and Sculptors for “ A Tribute to Indran” organized by Muthtamil sangam in Pondicherry – 2018
  • A Group show of Eminent Artist and Sculptors in the name of “ Serenity” organized by karma in Bengaluru -2017
  • National group Group show in the name of “Rhythm of colors” Spandan art in Chitrakala paristh, Bangalore – 2017.
  • Group show in Annual jipmer art show in Pondicherry – 2017
  • Group show in the name of “Framed Thoughts” organized by Pondicherry Art Akademy in Aurodhan Art Gallery, Pondicherry -2017
  • Group show in the name of “Iridescent” in The Promenade, Pondicherry – 2016
  • Women’s group show in the name of “Manikarnika” in Ambrosia, Chennai-2015
  • Women’s group show in the name of “Round the clock Hands” in Promenade Hotel, Pondicherry-2015
  • Women’s group show in the name of “Step Ahead” organized by Pondicherry Art Akademy in Aurodhan Art Gallery, Pondicherry-2013
  • Five men show in the name of “Quest for Diversity” in LALITKALA ACADEMY, Chennai-2009.
  • “Rendez-Vous” in Pondicherry-2008.
  • “Seeds 2007” in Pondicherry.
  • “Seeds 2006” in Pondicherry.
  • Two women – Clip art show “One Step Ahead” in Pondicherry – 2007.
  • Three women – “Blossoming vision” in Pondicherry – 2008.


  • Participated in the Indian Art Festival in the gallery of “My Art Gallery” – New Delhi – 2019
  • Participated in the International online competition organized by Bindaas Artist group – 2019
  • Exhibited in Arteion Art International online Exhibition – 2019
  • Participated in “Womens special art exhibition” organized by Bindaas Artist Group – 2017
  • 1 Core people painting campaign, Puducherry
  • “chitra chante” in Bangalore -2018.
  • Participated in “ 2nd Annual jipmer Art show” in Pondicherry – 2017.
  • Participated in “17th Annual Affordable Art show” by Vinnayasa art gallery in Chennai -2016.
  • Participated in Live Painting “ Art for Humanity” by Artville in Bangalore -2016.
  • “chitra chante” in Bangalore -2016.
  • “Sybcons citra mela” in Bangalore -2008.
  • Commercial art exhibitions in the name of “Rendez-vous” 2008 in Pondicherry.
  • All India Exhibition of Arts in Amritsar – 2007.
  • 3rd Kalam South Zone Level art exhibition in Pondicherry – 2007.
  • “Art Media” in Pondicherry – 2005


  • Portrait competion “Chitrankan:2” for women’s organized by Bindaas artist group-2018
  • Water colour competition in Pondicherry University in Pondicherry – 2009.
  • Kalam art exhibition organized by Kalam A Little Art Movement in
  • Pondicherry – 2008.
  • Poster Competition in Pondicherry-2007.
  • By social welfare movement – 2007.
  • By Lion’s Club in Pondicherry – 2006.
  • By Agricultural department in Pondicherry – 2006.
  • By Puduvai Oviya Kalai Panpattu Narsevai Iyakkam – 2006.
  • By Lions Club in Pondicherry – 2005.
  • By “Umbrella” in Pondicherry – 2005.



  • Article in “Yourstory” about the art and artist during the pandemic – 2021
  • Article about my art journey in “ Rasamattam” E-magazine – 2021
  • Article about the solo exhibition “Tranquility” in E-Nadu Benguluru – 2021
  • Article about the painting in New Indian Express, Benguluru – 2021
  • Article about the painting camp in Dinakaran on 5th march – 2018
  • Special article about the painting journery in kungumam thozhi -2017
  • Article on group show in Chennai plus on 28th march -2015
  • Article on the painting show in The Hindu
  • Live Telecast of my interview on the topic of Paintings and Arts was telecasted in RAJ TV.
  • Article on my paintings and designs was published in SOMRAS an internal magazine of HFI.
  • Articles on Three Women show was publish in the newspaper “THE HINDU” on 10th September 2008.
  • Articles on myself, my techniques on paintings and my passion in the field of art was published in two different editions of “PENGAL MALAR”.
  • And Many other continuous articles on the Paintings shows and about the paintings

Pondicherry University, Pondicherry, Nagpur, Kolkotta, U.S.A, Bangalore, Delhi, France and all over.

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