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Apet Pramond

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Phone: +919850707456

Art Style: Others

Art Type: Paintings

Country: India

Bio: My name is Pramod Apet and I believe myself to be a very expressive person. I realized it very early in my life that painting was something that made me happy. It was actually me and therefore wen I decided to take painting as a career, I joined Abhinavkala Mahavidyala in Pune which is where I learnt the basics of my profession. After that I joined the very well known J. J. School of Arts in Mumbai, where I was groomed and that was the time when I transformed into an Artist.

I love to spread happiness with my paintings and believe that if we set a happy atmosphere around us, it can be done through beautiful paintings. In my works, one can generally find jolly, loving and happy kids. Specially, the Brahmin boys that were seen during the traditional educational system of our Indian people, i.e., Gurukul system, could be generally seen through my works. I have relied on using acrylic colors in my art forms which help me in depicting the various expressions of my subjects very effectively. With the help of these, I have been able to show the kids in various acts of life, showing affection and togetherness and I am glad to say that I have been able to depict their innocence as well, which I would consider an achievement for myself. I would also like to mention here that most of these paintings are inspired from my childhood memories, showing a face of rural India.
I hope forward to make more thematic paintings and also diversify my works to show various other wals of life and grow myself as an artist. I wish to be more creative and expressive and try to give some realistic angle to my works. I would also emphasize to perfectionate my art form and be more dedicated and devoted towards my profession.

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